WHEN 'OGA' REFUSES TO BOW! ( The Danger of Unprovoked erection)

Help Doc,

I always have unprovoked penile erection. It is embarrassing and painful.  Is it a Medical case or a Spiritual case.?

Well eerm,  my people the last part of the question is not a simple one, but medically speaking,  It is a medical/Surgical(sometimes) case. The medical name for this is PRIAPISM.

Priapism is a prolonged erection of the penis, usually without sexual arousal. And it is a MEDICAL EMERGENCY!!!

The Menace

The persistent unprovoked erection of the penis is very harmful to the reproductive health of men and can affect the normal life of a patient.

It is Very Painful

A penile erection more than 4-6 hours,  will form a blood clot in the cavernous body of the penis, causing penis induration and erection bent. If such situation lasting for a long time, it will finally;

•influence erectile function,

•lead to a cloggy sexual life,

•some may cause an irreversible impotence or erection dysfunction.

Psychosocial Problems could also arise like:

•Low self esteem