Vaginal Discharges: Colours And What They Could Mean

Vaginal discharges are normal. However, in some instances, abnormalities can occur and it’s important for every woman/girl to be alert enough to recognize these changes and on time. Where do Vaginal discharges come from? Vaginal discharge is a clear or whitish fluid that comes out of the vagina. Vaginal discharge is a clear or whitish […]

The Danger of Unprovoked Erection


+234-706-465-6454 11, Gbajumo Crescent, Surulere. Lagos, Nigeria. Dr Zobo Exclusive WHEN ‘OGA’ REFUSES TO BOW! ( The Danger of Unprovoked erection) Help Doc, I always have unprovoked penile erection. It is embarrassing and painful.  Is it a Medical case or a Spiritual case.? Well eerm,  my people the last part of the question is […]

Are persistent Hiccups normal in Babies?

baby hiccups

Hi Guys, I got a distress call from my friends who are first-time parents, and they were so worried that their 2week old baby girl has kept hiccuping since birth. They were freaked out. I wasn’t, why? Let’s learn. WHAT ARE HICCUPS? Hiccups are brief and involuntary contractions of the diaphragm muscle resulting irritation of […]